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    Uncontrollable wobble on 250 quad with rotated acro naze with cleanflight

    Last week I broke two frame arms. Yesterday, I got a new frame, and put everything together again. The same motors, the same ESCs, the same flight controller, the same everything (except for the frame). This time I decided to rotate my flight controller 90 degrees, pointing right, for ease of...
  2. H

    Tricopter V3 Video problems

    Hey guys, I have now finished my build of RcExplorers Tricopter V3. Im using the KK2 Mini as FC and to record the video the GoPro Hero 4. It flys pretty good but the video isnt that smooth as I want it to be :( I took the PID-Settings from David. But I lower the P Gains a little bit so that it...
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    Electrohub build [Naze32 and FT's power kit] wobbles on take off.

    Heya, so I've been flying prebuilts for a while and they were a lot of fun. So I thought I'd take a cheap nose dive into building my own. I purchased the Electrohub, the naze32 acro board, and the power pack that was suggested for it. Figured if I wanted to delve deeper, I'd do that on my next...
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    DJI F550 Hexacopter wobble too much on flight

    Hello Everyone I just finish re-building a F550 Hexacopter after a big crash, replaced the damaged ESC and propellers, I am a newbie and no one i know has experience with Hexacopters, only with Quads. When I take off slowly (on GPS, i have not tried on manual) it tends to do a 360 on the...
  5. S

    Quad balancing and yaw problems

    how do you guys balance a square quad? I always thought that balancing diagonally prop to prop was the right way to do it but i'm struggling getting the yaw to be stable. Im getting some wobbling when yawing quickly. Is this normal with a quad or should i be getting a smooth stable yaw even...
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    KK2 diagonal wobble on x quad

    I've got an issue that I can't work out, hoping for some new insight. My quad is a symmetrical (no dead cat like setup) x configuration. The arms left front and right back react really snappy, but the other two overshoot like crazy. This is most noticeable on moving diagonally and yawing...