Tricopter V3 Video problems


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Hey guys,
I have now finished my build of RcExplorers Tricopter V3. Im using the KK2 Mini as FC and to record the video the GoPro Hero 4. It flys pretty good but the video isnt that smooth as I want it to be :( I took the PID-Settings from David. But I lower the P Gains a little bit so that it wont wobble when hovering. I dont get jello in my video but the copter is shaking like crazy when I fly forward. I dont know what I should try. Maybe change the Firmware to Stevies 1.18? Is it even possible to get such a good video like David in his videos?


An update to the newest firmware is always a good thing to do. Shaking while flying forward should be a PID problem, but you should always check if you have everything done that the tutorials (of the FT crew or David) told you to. E.g. calibrating the ESCs and such.

Smooth video like David has is probably the work of countless hours of PID tuning, but you should be able to get something working quite good in an afternoon.
I built a tricopter V3-style copter (out of aluminium) and it worked perfectly fine with stock PID settings. Davids settings didn't work at all for me.
Try using the stock PID settings or if you really want to do it right, PID tune it yourself.
There are plenty of tutorials (written or on YouTube) that will help you.

If there is anything you need help with, ask again here. There are plenty of experienced people here who should be able to help. :)


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Thank you :p But you dont know if updating the firmware will solve my problem? Than I have to order me the tool to connect the KK to the PC. Is it worth it?
Grüße auch aus Deutschland :)


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I would work the PID's before resorting to the extra expense. Chances are it's in the settings and not the firmware. Besides even swapping FW, you will still need to tune. Best to get a bit under your belt so it's easier next time! :D