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10foot weed wacker giant

I'm currently in progress on a giant simple design 25cc weed wacker giant with a 10 foot span but I'm having some difficulties. For one is a supply issue that can be easily solved with patience with the hobby shops having the material in stock. The big one is spars. I want to construct the wing with pink panther foam ribs on a single spar, and monokoted, but sourcing the material is proving difficult. I need it to be as strong as possible, light as possible, and most importantly cheap as possible. What would be my best bet for that?


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All the similar builds I have seen have used Aluminium spars, Lowes sell one that FT and Peter Sripol have used to great effect on their big wings.


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Your best bet would probably be to get two 5 foot pieces of aluminum bar stock and use them for a spar. Using a spar for each wing would give you the option of making them removeable for transportation. Alternatively you could use a doubler plate and rivet them together to get a ten foot spar.