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110 Planes of the corn

That was a great podcast thanks guys!

I'm sure the next one will have to do some with weak signals right?

From the top of my head you will have have quite a few Radians at Flite Fest 2016. Maybe if we assigned patterns for people so they can identify their Plane.

1. Chris - Suzuki Yellow Stripes
2. Andre - Red Maple Leafs on the Wings!
3. Wayne - Checkered
4. Mike - Roundels!
5. David V I'm sure will find one - Yellow Crowns!
6. Mike from KC - Blue Stripes or KC in block letters

Just an idea. If you fly FPV that will solve issues too.
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Fly yes... land no.
I have the RCAF packs at home!

Only issue with FPV at FF2016 is if we use 5.8 IBCrazy will call us frequency hogs since we can be up there for 30+ minutes. :)


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There's just Soooooooo many things we could do if we pre-assigned patterns . . . most of them evil . . .