120% Guinea Pig and 9g C-pack servos

20% increase length of wing gives about 40% additional wing area. I am wondering if I need to leave the standard 9g servo behind for something stronger. Anyone know?


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If your control surfaces are 40% greater area then you are likely to need bigger servos. With that much lift and power it won’t care much about a little added weight from a stronger servo.
Any recommendations for Emax "next strongest" service. Always had good luck with them. All their 12g seem to be of the same torque, just metal gears. Looks like 17g is the next... but there are so many derivatives, it's hard to know which is best. I am thinking I will try metal gears this time around.


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Can’t recommend anything except the cheap ass ones off eBay! That’s all I have used so far.
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I am looking now at Corona DS-939MG (HobbyKing). interesting that there isn't a lot of choice. Emax ES3054 is my other choice.


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The key is metal gear. Something to remember, back in the day a full sized servo had a torque of about 23oz per inch. These days most micro servos are more then that. I use savox metal gear 11g servos for a more robust servo personally.