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1600mm Glider Build


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Well I was feeling left out watching all these gliders being built so started one myself, it is based off of the Phoenix 1600mm glider
3D Model Picture 5.jpg
3D Model Picture 6.jpg
3D Model Picture 7.jpg
3D Model Picture 8.jpg
. Thanks @bracesport for pictures and dimensions, gave me good head start. Main 3D model is done, my first objective is to design the wing similar to the Smooth Baron using some 3D printed ribs (possibly balsa) , balsa leading and trailing edges and then wrapping it with that 1mm Depron I have. I also now have an iron and some cheap covering from HK to experiment with. It won't be a fast build as I do work in the summer time ;)


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Well had some computer issues first, I was going to use my laser and cut out balsa ribs but for some reason and I plain and simply wasted enough time trying to figure it out but the svg files wouldn't scale across properly to the laser software. I could do jpeg or bmp but the quality was horrible. Then yesterday morning there was a little snap and my screen went black, powered it and refired it back up and all working perfectly other then I lost the previous 45 minutes work. Scrapped the balsa idea and have started to 3D print the ribs . Then work has been taking up some of my time to. :)


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Little more work on the computer, now happy with my center wing section. To make it somewhat easier to print the cross mounts will be ca glued into the center section. There will be a 40mm trailing edge added to it yet and about a 20mm leading edge both of balsa, actually even where the aileron is there will be a balsa strip added in there. Now have come to a little stump until I figure out what I will do for the winglets. 3D printer is now on the move. :)

3D Model Picture 10.jpg
3D Model Picture 11.jpg
3D Model Picture 12.jpg
3D Model Picture 13.jpg


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Very nice structure! I was thinking the peak of your wing chord is quite sharp, was there a reason for that? Oh, and what size is your CF tube?


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It might be the way it looks in the picture, you are talking about the top wing plate contour right? If it is about the LE & TE both the trailing and leading edge will get a balsa treatment :) The back is about 30mm width and the front about 15mm . Back one is a triangular piece so not much sanding , the front is a rectangular one so a little bit of sanding .

Center CF Rod is 5mm and the outer ones are 3mm.