Some science about 3D printing vs Balsa and about carbon/balsa spars


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For some reason I can't really explain myself, I'm wandering about using 3D printing for structural applications and airplanes. All demonstrate that balsa and other woods are great materials, and much better than PLA and PETG. The planes I'm interested in are challenging: F3RES 2m built up gliders 12g/dm2. For that scope, only hope is a "built-up" 3D printed wing with:
  • optimised 3D printed ribs,
  • carbon strips (ex 3mmx0.5mm) as spar caps, and possibly wing trailing edge,
  • well engineered 3D printed web if could finally make sense,
  • Carbon boom
  • To be Defined for elevator and rudder that need to be super light.
I'll do some testing about Oralight on PETG structure.

For the spar web, I found those 2 interesting documents on the net:
I mede few attemps about 3D printed truss structures, hollow triangle sections, single wall sine wave spar ( Nothing very promising for the moment.

Additive Manufacturing is cool, but balsa looks still here for some time :)