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1st Time Slope Soaring

So with this lockdown, my local field is closed and all the others are limiting admission to 10 people at a time, so I've been looking for other places to fly. Started thinking about slope soaring...I built a Simple Soarer a few months back to launch off of my twin engine hauler (which is a lot of fun) and I've hi-started it a bunch, but have never gotten great air time...either too much wind or not enough heat for thermals... While looking for a place to fly my P-38, I noticed on google maps a ridge with a nice pad cut into the top, all part of a trail that starts across the street from my best friend's house... it's about a mile hike, with the first part pretty steep, but then it levels off into a nice walk... I watched some video before attempting to soar, and here is the result...best part, glider lived to fly again this Wednesday!

I wouldn't have if not for the field being closed...I usually like to fly fast and furious, but this is a whole new game, and at times I had to have hit 50mph at least, but then I'd just hover in the same spot for almost a minute...total time of the 3rd flight was 6 mins...longer than I get from most of my FT planes! The only reason I landed is my eyes were getting tired! hahahahah