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2.4GHz vs. 433MHz


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I am new to this Hobby, and was looking for my first (real) transmitter. After searching and looking for systems I was very confused. :confused:
There are two important things to know about my attitudes on stuff like that:
- never go cheap on things that can last for a long time
- always plan the next step

I want to start with a light, easy to flight foamboard-plane, and the next step should be something that will cover Long distances.

after some listening and googling I always hear 2.4GHz is crap for long distances.... and all I could find were 2.4GHz transmitters.
And than I found those 433MHz Tx/Rx modules. they are covering much longer distances. So I was thinking maybe I should get a 433 capable Transmitter, because the price tag is not significantly higher.

But I guess that there is more to this subject than I have uncovered. So PLEASE someone explain why I should use 2.4GHz when 433 covers longer distances at the same Price.

(maybe it is possible to boost the sh** out of 2.4GHz and cover the same distance)

I appreciate every helping answer

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Hey mate, welcome to the forums :)

Firstly what kind of distances are you wanting to cover? Are you wanting to do some serious cross country flights? if thats the case you will need a way of seeing your plane or get some long range fpv gear, you'll find that a 2.4 will have enough range to get your plane to become a dot on the horizon. obviously depending on the size of your plane ;)

If you got a transmitter that had a module slot on the back, like the turnigy 9xr or the Taranis, or many of the others out there you can have the reliability of 2.4 plus the option to expand in the future to get some long range systems in there, all on the same radio. if you're wanting to buy something that will last you a long time, i think thats your best option, due to its expandability.


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Taranis is the way to go. A lot of transmitter for the money and a 433 module will pop right into it for future growth. Many of the features of a much more expensive radio. Remember that in the USA, at least, 433MHz and most useable long range FPV frequencies REQUIRE a Amateur Radio Technician License so consider that as well.