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2 inch 3 piece 3D printed wheels.

This my attempt at designing a semi-scale-ish wheel for my upcoming FT Edge and Simple Cub builds. The wheel has an OD of 2 inches and a rough width of just over 0.625 inches. It is most likely wider than those out of foam board as in the build video. I do not have my speed build kit in my hands yet so I can't say for sure how they will fit in the wheel pants provided but should work by widening the hold for the wheel. The center hole is 3mm and will probably need reamed out slightly to fit the landing gear wire. Again I don't have my kit yet so I can not verify this. I designed the wheel in 3 pieces with an inside, outside, and tire so that it can be printed in a combination of materials.

The files can be found here. If you print them please let me know how they turned out and what changes/modifications you needed to do for your build.