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2 questions


Low Speed-High Drag
How does one have live comms with the show hosts?

And what/where is the monetary donation button ?

I definitely missed something somewhere ...🤔


FT CAD Gremlin
Staff member
OK, found it. It's on the Facebook live platform and not Youtube ... 🤷🏼‍♂️
I don't think that is entirely accurate. They are streaming the podcast live on Tuesdays (FT Reacts with Lee and Stefan) and Thursdays (the regular FT podcast with Josh, Lee and Stefan) on multiple platforms simultaneously. You can catch it on Facebook and YouTube. On YouTube they simulcast on both the Flite Test channel and the FTCA channel. You can interact via live chat messages on both YouTube channels, but you can only donate from the main FT channel. I think that is due to the number of subscribers with YouTube. Not sure about the Facebook livestream as I've never tried joining though that one.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Right below the chat box on Yt where you post to the feed there are two buttons. one is the emote / keybd button depending what you are viewing at that second and another is a box with a $ in it. Before that becomes active you have to add a CC to your YT account to be able to use it.

I know ever since they went to a multiplatform feed for these the alerts in you tube either never show up, show up as a dot next to the channel on your home page or a few days later when they post the edited version of the stream. I rarely get lucky enough to catch them live since they started doing this.

Which is why I have asked MULTIPLE times in the FTCA thread that they take 2 seconds after setting up the feed and drop the live link there.