Help! Need help binding radiomaster pocket to r84 receiver


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Hey y'all,
Complete beginner here. I bought the complete build kit for the FT tiny trainer which comes with a radiomaster pocket controller and radiomaster r84 receiver. I cannot figure out how to bind these. All the videos online seem to show the receiver with an LED that comes on when in binding mode, but no matter how long/how many times i press the button on the receiver nothing seems to happen. Any help would be very much appreciated.


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did you try holding the bind button while plugging in the battery? That worked for me on my aura bord/lemon rx dsmp satellite receiver.


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Hi! Also having the same issues... I'm able to get the receiver into bind mode via holding the pushbutton while plugging it in to the battery, however, not too sure what to do next. Im using FrSkyD subtype D8 and I'm hitting bind whenever 3 singular flashes show up according to this vid "
" but it's not working... any help is appreciated! Thanks!


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I have had great success binding my new R84 and R86 recievers to my Taranis. This is my process:
-turn on radio
-make new model
-put radio into bind mode
-hold bind button on reciever
-plug in battery while holding
-keep holding until red light flashes
-then push bind button in radio to complete
-i then power cycle and has worked for x10 new units!

good luck, hope this helps


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I GOT IT! I had to go into sys -> hardware -> then under internal RF i had to select multi (it was set to csrf or smtn like that).

Before this, under status would read no telemetry but now it has aetr.