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2 x FT Racer ordered


Junior Member
Brand new to RC, been soaking up as much info as I could on this site - great site by the way , I am totally hooked.

So, I finally placed my order for 2 x FT Racer with Beef power from LazerToy. I live in South Africa and it was a bit cheaper to ship from them than to ship direct from FT.

I bought 2 planes so my son and I could each build our own planes.

Lets hope shipping to SA is a few days and not gonna end in a crumpled parcel.

I will update this post as my son and I progress through the build.


Dedicated foam bender
Welcome to the forum!
Let me begin by asking if you have tried any simulators before your first actual flight? And I don't want to discourage you in any way, but the racer really isn't a beginner airplane. You will have a better experience with the Flyer or even the Versa if you make sure the CG is correct (flying wings are very sensitive to CG).


Junior Member
we have a fair amount of experience on flight sims and a multiplex foamie which never flew great from the start (user problem i have no doubt) - just never got the CG right on it .

I'm hoping the FT Racer would be easier to setup.

I do plan on building other simpler planes off plans before flying the FT racer, I am just trying to source the correct foam here in SA.