1. T

    Help! Need expert input into ideas for upcoming design comp

    Hi, apologies if this is in the wrong section, but I'm hoping to source some input and suggestions on my ideas for an upcoming indoor flying challenge in my uni class. The challenge is to build a foamie that can fly within the constraints of an indoor basketball court, with a takeoff then a...
  2. LitterBug

    LitterBug's 22-23 Winter build of AgentC's EZ Bronco

    Been cluttering up AgentC's thread and decided it would be better for me to post up my own thread for my winter build. Planning on using a bunch of old brushed clearance parts hoarded over the years. FT used to have a 3 channel EZ-power pack and they still sell the 2 channel version. AgentC's...
  3. yak hover indoor.jpg

    yak hover indoor.jpg

  4. 1525104_10201078969089609_640795546_n.jpg


  5. Madspadder

    Cartoon Fokker DR1 The " Fokkerish"

    Just joined the forum and thought this fun indoor flyer might fit well here. This is a kit from Buzzard Models which is easy to build and flies extremely well for a triplane. I built 3 and am building 3 more for some club members. The plane is rudder and elevator and handled the small gym well...
  6. PlanesGuy888

    FTFC20 Spitfire Mk.I designed by PlanesGuy888

    For the FTFC20 build challenge, I decided that I would like to participate this year with an aircraft of my own. I chose the Spitfire Mk.I because it has always been a favorite of mine and I have always loved the look. This Spitfire is not going to be a normal FT Spitfire though. It has been...
  7. G

    Acrobatic indoor fpv.

    It gets pretty cold here in the winter, forcing us indoors for months. I have been passing the time with a Crack Yak set up for fpv... good times.
  8. J

    Indoor free flight competition in Moscow, Idaho

    If you saw the Flitetest video last year about F1D models and indoor free flight (video linked below), you'll have an opportunity to see these type of models in person June 23-27 in Moscow, Idaho. For around 30 years now the Kibbie Dome on the University of Idaho campus has hosted an annual...
  9. T

    Salina Kansas K-State Student RC Club Fun Fly!

    This funfly will be this Saturday. All money gathered from the admissions fees will go straight to the K-state polytechnics RC Flying club.
  10. T

    Fokker DVII Dihedral

    Hi everyone hope someone reads this,just hoping for tips, my main question is about the dihedral of a Fokker DVII 16" wing span. I'm trying to build it for indoor flight not because I'm experienced at flying but I love to build with balsa. How does the dihedral change going from free flight...
  11. U

    Just got the Inum..... (And Calling Joshua Finn!)

    I'm a new pilot, and after trying a couple Multi-rotors I thought it would be fun to get the Inum. It's my first RC Plane. The Inum is very, very, VERY light. about 0.3 ounces, just over 8 grams. This makes it less than half the weight of a Blade Nano and about 3 grams lighter than a Proto...
  12. Spastickitten

    A place to put all of your diy micro (indoor size) quad things!

    I was thinking of making a micro indoor quad and just need a place for others to put their info! ^-^ Hobbykings new products made for micro quads Quanum Pico 32bit Brushed Flight Control board Quanum WISP 110 micro multirotor frame 60mm Propeller Quad Set (4 pcs) Mini Quad Brushed Motor...
  13. M


    The 2nd annual NEF (5th since we moved from Geneva) Indoor fun-fly at the HUGE Univ. of Akron Stile Athletic facility. Its great for typical indoor RC models of all types. We suggest a maximum flying weight of 16oz . Please see our website for details & preregistration. LOTS of pictures &...
  14. CYYZMichael

    Toronto indoor fields

    Do any of you know of a good indoor field near Toronto, Ontario? Thanks Mike
  15. J

    FT indoor flying - newbie needs help :)

    Hi all, I finished my first build (nutball) about a month ago and had my first flight ever then. But it's a bit on the heavy side (210g). It was made from 6mm depron, since I can't get dollartree foam here. I'm now going to try and made a lighter nutball from 3mm depron, and use even lighter...
  16. C


    Hi, this is my first post on this website, so might I say that I absolutely love what FliteTest is doing for the RC community, and the content they bring to us. I wanted to ask if you had ever thought of doing an episode on the Plantraco micro kits, such as the Shoestring? I think this would be...
  17. J

    FT Flyer Indoors

    Bad weather is here in Ontario and wanted to build something I could fly in our church Gym. Here is a video of an attempt. Flying with high alpha makes this go very slow. It can also hover for a little bit. (my first attempt at 3D, LOL)
  18. N

    Indoor Event in San Mateo County, CA before end of 2013?

    Good evening, I'm exploring a few possible venues in San Mateo County for an indoor event, or series before the end of the year. Would anyone be interested? Cheers! Nick By the way, if anyone has any tips on putting together indoor flying events, I'm all ears! Thanks!