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  1. P

    Scratch Built Giant Super Sportster Idea

    I really want a giant super sportster, but being a fourteen year old who can't get a job I can't afford it. I have a regular sized nitro airplane similar to the sportster, but i want a BIG one! Since I can't afford the Great Planes ARF model I'm going to design one to be built using dollar tree...
  2. J

    Kiss FC to old for GUI?

    hello i went to adjust my rates on my Alien and when i hit connect on the Kiss page it says Warning Kiss firmware version is older than GUI can handle. My FC says V1.03 stamped on it and i just bought it a month ago and it has always connected fine in the past and not had any problems with it...
  3. C

    Propulsion Systems

    Hi! I'm new and designing an aircraft at my university for a competition. I'm trying to learn more about the math behind propulsion systems (electric motor with prop, not doing anything with gas/glo). Does anyone know some good resources I'm missing out on? One that's been recommended to me is...
  4. P

    Recreating an old love (again!) Scratch build F-27

    It was the plane I learnt to fly with, an f-27b model complete with brushed motor. It could barley climb and had many many hard landings, and goal post encounters. One day I blew up the battery so sought to upgrade. After some research bought brushless motor, 3s lipo, servos and esc and brought...
  5. Hayduke27

    Cold Weather Flying/Snow Flying

    Hi everyone! With winter upon us, I was curious about using electric RC planes in the cold. This will be my first winter flying them, and I figured there must be some precautions and pointers that some more experienced pilots would know. A couple of questions come to mind: 1.) First off, the...
  6. epiper93

    Orange RX r610 V2?

    Hello All, I just ordered a test R610 V2, I electrify a lot of glow kits, I have two electrified Sig Wonders, VERY QUICK! I almost lost one last weekend due to some brownout issues on my old Orange Rx 615. I ordered the new r610 V2. I cannot find any reviews on these things. I figured...
  7. J

    Good first 3D and/or Sport Plane

    I know the guys are about the review the graupner HotTrigger but I wanted some input on what people think is the best 3D/sport plane. Some example of what I'm looking for...
  8. CarboardKings

    Cardboard Trainer

    Give us a box and a plane it shall be! Modeled after our rubber band powered plane.
  9. R

    Electrify a Hanger-9 Alpha 60

    Hello, I am coming back into the hobby after many, many years (I used PC flight simulators to get my fix), and recently a friend gave me a third-hand alpha 60 (w/o electronics or engine). I wish to make this electric. After watching many excellent flighttest vid's I learned I need to start with...
  10. T


    When I entered the hobby 5 years ago at the age of 10 my first 4 planes were all made of EPP and were almost indestructible. These planes were amazing and incredibly durable but nowadays i can no longer find any reasonably priced EPP foam! Does anybody else have any idea where to get some...
  11. A

    E-Flite UMX Habu S DF180

    I recently started buying instead of just the scratch building, I have got the E-Flite T-28 Trojan and i can handle that pretty well, i mainly build small parkfliers but i have never seen and EDF Jet the size of the UMX Habu. I think it is fine as it does have the Sensor Assisted Flight...
  12. P

    Multirotor acrobatic flying (warthox style)

    Hi all, Since I couldn't find any "acrobatic" multirotor flying thread on the forum, I thought about starting a thread in the electric multirotor section, and eventually, if enough people is (or get) hooked to it, maybe creating a section for it in the "specialty flying" section ! :) So, to...
  13. T

    KK Mini PIDs?

    I have a diatone 250 ghost frame which is an X style quad with hobbywing ESCs, a KK mini with stock firmware, and DYS 2300 kv motors. When i first got the quad it was LOS since i hadn't yet got the money for FPV and i did the settings to the best of my ability but it just doesn't feel locked in...
  14. T

    Quad help?

    Earlier today i was flying my 250 quad and "landed it" into the only piece of concrete around.. ugh. Now when i power up the back left motor does power up but only gives about half the power of the others and makes this odd odor that smells a little bit like new plastic. :confused: I have...
  15. A

    DH-2 WW1 Pusher Biplane scratch built foam sheet build.

    RC electric semi scale model aeroplane of 1916 De Havilland DH-2 using Flite Test building technique. For 3 view scaled up drawings goto DRG link https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B_ei8x6dMWOlU3lHaVUwdHdiV00&usp=sharing Goto https://youtu.be/5GmwJjam0lQ to see my RC electric semi scale...
  16. D

    Gas to Electric Equivalent

    Hi Folks! Long time FliteTest fan, first time poster. I'm doing my first build! Yay! I've always wanted to build a nice balsa plane. I hope I haven't jumped in at the deep end. This is the plane I'm building. I should be fine on the actual construction part, but I'm struggling with the power...
  17. M

    nitro to electric

    I got an old plane called the 4 star 40 for $40 (no joke) its a ply, balsa and monocoat plane that has a 40" wingspan and is nitro powered. I got it because it was a steal (it came with a tool kit, electric starter and glow starter) but the only expirience ive had with nitro has been terrible. I...
  18. M

    Storm Flyer

    I'm looking for suggestions and ideas from anyone who may be familiar with an electric r/c plane capable of handling more extreme conditions - specifically high winds that will attempt to toss it around. I'm looking for something that is like a WC-130, WC-130J, or WC-121N in terms of function...
  19. M

    Need Airplane Recommendation

    All of you electric fixed-wing veterans out there - I am in need of your wisdom. I'm looking for a plane that has the following characteristics: Very Durable Relatively Easy to Repair Very Stable Capable of Handling 15-20 mph Winds Very Well Capable of Carrying Battery/Batteries Weighing 500g...
  20. T

    Ultra Micro Builds!

    This is the place to post all your ultra micro builds! Anything roughly smaller than 600mm wingspan.