2018 Flite Test Forum Challenge: WWII Design & Build

If we are starting teams and stuff we totally need Team Luftwaffe! Or Mannschaft Luftwaffe as it would be in German.

All German planes makers and pilots are invited! Our goal: win the war with out cutting edge end-war plane tech that totally doesn't rely on strategic ressources!

Too bad you will lose the Battle of Britain!:D Jokes aside, here's my entry:

Supermarine Spiteful MK XIV


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OK, here's my entry!

Ryan FR-1 Fireball

Is it OK to seek outside help? I promise not to consult more than two AMA Hall of Fame electric aircraft pioneers. :)

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"The Ryan FR Fireball was a mixed-power (piston and jet-powered) fighter aircraft designed by Ryan Aeronautical for the United States Navy during World War II."

Absolutely! As long as you share what you learn so we can all take advantage of it :p


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Team Luftwaffe welcomes you! I will create a thread in the mad builders forum since it will be to coordinate builds, might deplace it later as needed.

Sir Fly

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FTFC '18 WWII V-173 Flying Pancake

Sir Fly
Vought V-173 Prototype Fighter
AKA "Flying Pancake," "Zimmer Skimmer"


Known for its revolutionary elliptical lifting body, the "Flying Pancake" was a unusual aircraft designed by Charles H Zimmerman in the late 1930's and developed throughout the war with the Vought company. Even though the prototype aircraft maidened in 1942, one year after the US entered the war, the fighter that was designed after the prototype, the XF5U, never entered service. After the war, jet technology entertained Navy generals more than the V-173/XF5U's STOL and carrier-based fighter capabilities, and the first shipment of XF5U aircraft was sent to the scrapyard. The only remaining V-173 prototype was acquired by the Smithsonian and is currently undergoing restoration.

NOTE: I am designing the V-173, not the XF5U. I personally think the V-173 prototype is more interesting. :p The XF5U can be distinguished from the V-173 by the two large engine intakes on either side of the cockpit and its four-bladed props, neither of which appear on the V-173.


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AWWW YEASSS!!! :applause:

This just keeps getting better and better guys!

So an awesome forum member has stepped up to create a logo for the Axis side of this epic conflict - I should be able to post that up shortly.

Now we just need someone to do a squadron logo for the Allies to use.... :)


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Wow - I think that's excellent! I might have to build one of those funny little Navy planes just to put the flag on it! :p