FTFC24: Buildruary Build-off Challenge


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I'm hoping I can get maiden flights in tomorrow. The weather has not been conducive for testing, but tomorrow looks like it might give a little break.

There's an Indoor fly on 30 March where I will definitely be flying Woodstock. I hope to have a second backup done too.

Capt Fishbones
Same. Enjoy the indoor fly in. I think I had a short in one Motor,


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And this is the maiden flight of Coast Guard 1, my Mini Guinea.
Filming and running commentary on this was my youngest son, Joseph, aka the Weasel. He earned the title, trust me.

Oh, and I'm always looking for more subscribers to the channel, and trying to get some more content posted.



Building Fool-Flying Noob
Video editors down!

As you know the contest is fully closed now. It is time for me to judge. I cannot accept videos posted after March 7th. But it doesn't mean stop. I am proud and pleased by everyone who signed up and established intent.

Now for the hard part... Where to assign the trophy, and prize. Hopefully it will be the next post.


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@Matthewdupreez Just letting you know that I tweaked the back part of the big molded (7) piece along with the "S2" spar. There was just some fitment issues so juts make sure to use the most current plans on the website now as of 5-2-24.