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2018 Flite Test Forum Challenge: WWII Design & Build


4s mini mustang
After I realized that there is not gonna be an ffw this year, I decided to leave the competition. I don’t think anybody will care though
I'm sad to hear that you're leaving:cry: I was looking forward to seeing an X-21. Hopefully next year there will be a FFW and you can enter in next years competition, I believe it's going to be about sci-fi type planes......I think.


Save your Trash!! Myles
Hi, ya'll! A while ago I said I was going to build the Lockheed L-133 for the competition but noted that life was going to get pretty busy. Well due to a lot of uncertainties this summer, I am unfortunately leaving the competition. I wish the best of luck to y'alls and can't wait to see what you build!