2023 Spring Sprint Blended Wing Body

L Edge

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This one brings back faded memories when all the effort just crashed in front of me.

Blended wing bodies, when they first came out, were a fad. Depron came out so I tried "Triangle" and had success. Liked it for it had 2 modes of flying. So decided to build another and from this photo where someone claimed luck and show it flying. Should have know better.


So, keeping an airfoil body in mind, sketched and built this from his picture. He forgot to mention in the article he was using a FC.
This build used quite a bit of Depron to get everything to come together nicely. No plans.
Then I decided to spray paint it. Tried a sample depron and looked good and in a hurry, did not wait. So masked and sprayed it on and let it sit. Went and had lunch and then saw what it did. It just ate away the depron. It had 2 motors in front of the fixed rudders and I programmed for differential thrust.
Found CG and now was ready for flight.

Let go, climbed, throttled back to 1/2 and it proceeded to go nose up, got it level again it, slowed and it proceeded to flip like a card on its side and drop. Used rudder and being so low, it finally rotated out and ended up nosed in. Found out later, that a blended wing body can do that due to not having an extended wing.

The repairs will consist of a lot of touch up work and adding chunks of depron/foam to the nose, restructuring the motor mounts to be solid, rebuild the left rudder and fixed the elevon hinges. It won't look pretty, but I intend to add a FC and add gyro stabilization and differential thrust.

My goal is to see if it is capable of flying without a FC.