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210mm Quad rebuild

Captain Video

Well-known member
I am rebuilding a 210mm quad with new electronics. It has a Spektrum SPMCF 400 flight board, (4) Aikon AK 32 35a escs which are Dshot 16.5 pwm, i dont recall what distro board it is, Spektrum DSMX Quad Race Receiver with Diversity (SPM4648) and I plan to use either a DX6(i) or (e) xmitter. I have installed Raceflight on my windows laptop and the FC board is recognized. I can spin up the motors within the software but I am having issues determining what uart to use for the receiver. I have watched many Bardwell videos for previous FC boards and have gotten them to work but this one has me over a barrel. Any thoughts?


Eternal Student
I've never played with Raceflight, but it doesn't look like there are many UARTs broken out on the board, try each till you get it going :)

Captain Video

Well-known member
There is a place on the FC that is for the Spektrum race receiver to be connected. I can bind to the receiver but I "get no joy" from raceflight. I have tried each uart setting but the receiver and its replacement do not seem to be connected to the board. Thoughts?