Help! $300 for a new trans


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So many posts as to what trans to buy. I made a few myself. I bought a Turnigy at the urging of a friend as a first trans, and once I figured it out, it was great. It cost me sixty bucks and I got to fly. No complaints.

Then I built a second plane and wanted a second receiver. I ordered the very same receiver that came with the trans. Not only was the new receiver twice as big, it had one antenna vs. the two on the original, the single antenna is half the length of the original two, and I can't get the receiver to bind to the trans.

So? It was a first transmitter and it got me in the air for really cheap. Cool. I'm flying with it later today. (hopefully)

Stuff has happened and I've got buy a used car, and I've got the money to do so. I am willing to take $300 out that money and buy a transmitter. I've learned I don't need nine channels. I really only need four, right? I'm not dropping landing gear or bombs or stuff. I just want to fly.

That's a new challenge for you transmitter aficionados. Three Hundred Dollars for the trans. Cheap ass receivers that work and are small with good antennas.

let us see what you've got! (Because I have no clue, and I need help.)


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Okay I will just say this now, I don’t advise getting a 4 channel, I thought I would only need a six channel...
Let’s see,
-DX6 G3 is at $260 with receiver, $230 without receiver (dsmx)
-Taranis X9D PLUS (open tx, it’s gonna take a little more learning to program) is $240 (receiver included) (frsky)
-Taranis QX7 S can be had, in blue or carbon fiber, for $185 (no receiver, this is what I would get, then spend the rest on receivers :ROFLMAO:) (frsky)
-Graupner MZ-12 comes in at $140 (receiver included) (Hott)

Notice that all of these are flitetest store prices, if you shop around they can mostly be found for cheaper. Good luck in your quest, these are a few that I have found, but there are more out there that can be had that are just as good or better.


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Lots of inexpensive TX's out there, I started with a FlySky T-6 which worked fine. Even thought I didn't need to upgrade, I got a FrSky QX7, which is my favorite and you can get receivers for as little as $7. All I need now is to learn how to fly. Anyway, make sure you get one that can take one of these modules that will let you fly your Turnigy receivers (and many others).



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As far as channels you will need more then 4 I started with 6 channel and it did not take me long to figure out I needed more. One plane I wanted to set up with full length alerions and flaps, I wanted them so I could flip a switch and have them independent of each other, and I am not real fond of Y cables as you cannot adjust each control surface independently thru the transmitter. So for just the wing I needed 4 servo`s independent of each other right there I had 4 channels used up. Now if I had a V tail or as many planes have 2 servos running the elevator, it does not take long to eat up channels. Cargo door or bomb drop get the most channels you can.

I am very happy with my Spektrum DX9 will do anything any open transmitter will do and much easier to set up planes. Support for Spektrum is out standing never had such great customer service. I do not have to worry about accidently turning my transmitter off by twisting the transmitter case.


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@buzzbomb - Question: are you willing to buy used?

Here is the deal. I have two transmitters I'm looking to sell here soon. Both are lightly used.

The first is a FlySky/Turnigy 9x that I recently flashed OpenTX 2.1.9 onto. This is the same firmware that FrSky Taranis transmitters use. NOTE: OpenTX 2.2.x cannot be flashed onto 9x transmitters due to a massive bug that was introduced for 9x series transmitters as of OpenTX 2.2.x

My other transmitter is a Futaba T7C. Futaba brand FASST receivers are expensive, but FrSky makes the TF-series of receivers which are FASST compatible. I own a couple TF series receivers and they bind with the T7C no problem.

Neither transmitter will do telemetry. Both transmitters have at least 7 channels.

Just food for thought, I'm not trying to hijack your thread to try and sell my goods, just trying to explore options.

If you want to buy a new radio, it's honestly going to be hard to beat FrSky on value with the Taranis series transmitters.

A base model QX7 will run you ~$110 depending on where you buy and still gives you way more channels than it sounds like you want/need.


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7 channels is about the magic mark for me. Never use 8, but do use 7 some times. I have a dx9 black, and a gruapner mz32. The dx9 is perfect, the mz32 is over kill for everything. A good solid 6 or 8 channel TX is about perfect. Telemetry and voice is a huge plus for pack voltage and extending flight times.


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Your Turnigy Tx, if it was an iA6, Has a couple of Rxs available with similar numbers. You need to order the iA6 2A Rxs.

Even then there are the lightweight, telemetry ready, and the Higher Voltage versions. Remember that the iA6 is also a flysky wearing different clothes. I have all three types of Rx and a total of around 25 at this time!

If your Turnigy ws not an iA6 ignore this post!

Have fun!


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First, thank you everyone. Sorry, Hai-Lee, I should have been more specific in my first post. I've got the Turnigy 9x, and not only is it a pain in the backside, as stated above, replacement receivers, even though they are the same model, are not the same receiver.

The DX9 looks awesome. Also outside of what I'm willing to spend at this point. I've set the budget because I've got buy a frackin' car! $300. That's what I've got.

Mad_Mechanic I thank you for the offer. I'm going to decline, though. I really don't want a flashed trans. I understand the appeal, but I am so far from needing all that. I just want a trans that will let me fly. I also don't want a Futaba. Notoriously Old-School and everything about them is expensive.

So. I'm looking at the Spektrum DX6 G3 and the DX8e. Other than the fact one has two more channels than the other, I don't really see a difference. They even cost about the same. What am I missing?


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@buzzbomb - no worries, I understand. You are right about Futaba gear being expensive. About the only way I have acquired receivers for a reasonable price is to buy FrSky TF-series receivers that are Futaba FASST compatible.

Your Turnigy 9x is effectively the same transmitter as my FlySky 9x, and yes, the stock firmware on the 9x is very outdated/pain in the backside. The 9x was the tinkerers radio about 7 years ago when people figured out you could re-flash the firmware. It's basically because of this radio that OpenTx got so popular.

Either way, I respect your desire for a simpler radio for $300. I wish I had more knowledge of current offerings. I know nothing about Spektrum radios, but I'm sure many here will have knowledge to help you.

Good luck!


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Glad I started with a Taranis X9D+. I bought it almost unused for $100 CAD but a new one with an 8 channel receiver is $230 USD. Cheap. I'm still learning but this radio is awesome and far exceeds my present capabilities. I bought a cheap adapter for running DSMX and DSM2. Yes, you have to learn OpenTX. But it's not that hard with Youtube and the OpenTX community as resources.

Worth considering if you're upgrading or starting new.


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The X9D+ looks really good, too. HobbyKing has it for $178 in a U.S. warehouse. That's a lot of channels for the price. The receivers are a bit more pricey, but I can do ten bucks more, every several months when I actually build a new plane.

Is anybody able to compare and contrast the Spektrum DX6 G3 with the DX8e and the Taranis X9D+?


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@buzzbomb - this might help you determine the feature differences between the DX8e and the DX6 G3. I was just skimming the Spektrum website and I noticed that on the product page for the DX8e it includes a feature comparison chart that includes both the DX8e and the DX6 G3:

Dunno if you have seen this chart yet, but it might help you determine which transmitter is better money spent.

Just from looking at the chart the differences I see are the following features:
Obviously channel count 6 vs 8

Stick modes
DX8e - 5
DX6 G3 - 4

Easy Mode Change Switch
DX8e - Yes
DX6 G3 - No

Easy Stick Centering
DX8e - Yes
DX6 G3 - No

Wired Trainer Port
DX8e - No
DX6 G3 - Yes

Flight Modes
DX8e - 10
DX6 G3 - 5

DX8e - DSMX only
DX6 G3 - DSMX/2

Voice Alerts
DX8e - No
DX6 G3 - Yes

Antenna Diversity
DX8e - No
DX6 G3 - Yes

Foldable Antenna
DX8e - Yes
DX6 G3 - No

Lastly there is the price, as you said the two are similar in price, but here is the MSRP comparison.
DX8e - $230
DX6 G3 - $260

You will have to decide which of these features hold more value to you. I should think however that the additional antenna features of the DX6 G3 might help avoid flyaways, but that's strictly a guess on my part.