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3D Labprint Joker


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Looks great! I wrapped up printing last weekend, just waiting on some electronics. Really impressed by this model, one of the nicest 3D-printed models I've built.

new plane.jpg


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Out of curiosity, what motor did you use? I'm thinking about a 2830 1300kv running a 9x6 prop
I finely found a 2830 1300kv motor and using it. They also recommend a 2217/12 AXI. The 2830 offer a lot of pull but really it all comes down to a motor that fits into the mounting. It is a glider maybe a bit heavy but all it has to do is get to a soaring height that you are comfortable with. I had problems with finding the 36-35mm spinner and 9/6 folding props that would work on the 2830's 3.17mm motor shaft. You did a beautiful job on yours I am impressed. I should have choose the white or orange fuse and the black canopy as it looks great, still can I guess. Working on the Piper Pawnee at present and getting material for the EasyMax. Presently flying the QTrainer which flies great, I had to beef up the landing gear as it is a little soft, no complaint though. Good luck to you and happy flying.