Eclipson Wölf - My First Printed Plane


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I finished my first 3d printed plane, the free Eclipson Wölf. Printing was slow but assembly was fast! I used plain PLA, but it came in at 789g with battery. The specs are 600g with LW-PLA and 950g for PLA, so I’m surprised and happy to split the difference with a larger than recommended battery. Not sure how that happened, maybe they listed the painted weight and I didn’t paint. Anyways, I’m happy with how it turned out!


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Looks great, I'm sure you'll love it.

I built one earlier this year out of Polymaker LW-PLA. It's the pre-foamed stuff, so not quite as light as normal LW-PLA, but a bit stronger and it prints very easy with no stringing.

Can't beat it for the price. ;)

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It flew! Keeping in mind that I used normal heavy PLA instead of the recommended lightweight PLA, it flew decently well after I got it trimmed out. The yaw control is a little weak. It‘s fairly easy on the batteries though. Also, I did a few unbeautiful landings and it survived without damage, so its strength exceeded my expectations. I ran two 1300mah 3s packs through it and then tried a 2200mah, which it handled just fine after some elevator trimming. Landing this is difficult for me because it balloons easily, but that’s a pilot issue, as I had the same difficulty landing my ZOHD Drift. All in all, I’m pleased with it.