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landing gear

  1. GingerFly

    Help! Small scale rotating retracts

    Hey y'all, I am in the middle of building the FT M.M. Corsair and am looking to put some retracts on it. Does anyone have files for 3d printable rotating retracts? (like seen on the corsair) Also, is it feasible at all to try to put rotating retracts on a plane that scale? (30 in wingspan) or...
  2. M

    Help! Glider landing gear

    Hi. Im building a 2,6 m scale glider. Is there anybody that has some blueprints for a retractable landing gear, with 55 mm wheel. So i can gut it out off fiberglass, or wood.
  3. L Edge

    Alternate Landing Gear (very light)

    When JGPLanes designed the White Diamond, he asked for someone to do an EDF version. So I upscaled it to adapt to a prop and EDF version, added my udder rudder and it is a "goto" airplane in windy weather. Then jfalleo1 added his version using retracts. So I decided to experiment with landing...
  4. OlliePackman

    Solved Corsair Landing Gear

    I was wandering if there would be any way that I could fit an FT Corsair with a retractable landing gear. I don't really know anything about the different mechanisms like air or mechanical or how they really work.
  5. Crumpled Cub gear

    Crumpled Cub gear

    This was actually a good landing, but there's only so much that foam gear can take. I 3d printed a replacement from the FT Thingiverse page which is much more solid.
  6. FoamyDM

    Help! Nose gear help

    I am trying to successfully make some hand-crafted nose gear. I have tried an idea and it generally works. But it has two fail points. My attempt: I use a chop sticks for the main strut. And use landscaping wire for the angled piece which acts like a spring. I sandwich two pieces of FB with...
  7. MarioGdV

    Solved Any ideas for a Sportster's Landing Gear?

    Hi! I've been flying the FT Sportster for 2 weeks, but every time I fly, the landing gear becomes more and more damaged. I've tried diferent landing gears, but they break easily and I don't know what to do. I made a landing gear which looks like the FT Mig-3 one, and it worked well, but I've...
  8. K

    How to build a landing gear compatible with small airplanes

    I have built some airplanes. But I m not able to build or make one perfect landing gear for those. I need to hand launch them. And so landing becomes a very hard task without landing gear. I m Indian. In india landing gear are very costly not talking about retractable a normal landing gear. That...
  9. Archimedian

    Pen-Spring Shock Absorbers for 55" DC3

    This is an attempt to use aluminum tubing from a craft store to fabricate spring loaded landing gear for my DC3 winter build. rcfbaircraft.com offers a good set of plans for the airframe. First, a detail of the DC3 undercarriage. Supplies Select two diameters of aluminum tubing that are...
  10. C

    Tundra Wheel Landing Gear from Pool Noodle and Milk Caps

    I am trying these pool noodles tundra tires and milk cap hubs for landing gear on my nutball. The milk caps are just glued to the outside of the pool noodle. Then i just drill a hole in the milk caps smaller than BBQ skewer so that its a snug fit. Next I hot glued the foam board struts to...
  11. K

    Landing gear for the FT Versa Wing

    I plan to buy a kit for the FT Versa Wing and build the wing in the push configuration. However, I would also like the wing to be able to take off from ground. So which landing gear I should use and how can I install the landing gear onto the wing? Also, in the case of the Blunt Nose Versa...
  12. D

    Flag Wire Landing Skids Article

    I have posted a full article on how to make landing skids for hand launched airplanes. They protect the belly, wings and prop from ground contact when landing. I have used them on many of my designs and they have been very effective. Here is a picture of the main landing skid on my Simple...
  13. M

    QAV250 Landing Gear

    Hi Everyone, If anyone has ever flown the Luminier QAV250 for an extended amount of time, then you are probably very aware of the fact that anytime you get too close the the ground or have a hard landing, that you are almost guaranteed to snap the landing gear or at least bend it. I am...
  14. S

    Scratch Landing Gear Question

    Hello! Me and some of my classmates are working on designing and building an rc aircraft from scratch, for a project. My job, currently, is to design the landing gear for the aircraft. Due to constraints given to us and a required payload, our final design is roughly 6 lbs when fully loaded...
  15. B

    New FT Racer

    Hi Folks, Just completed this one. Added a battery cover/bottom fairing. Have any of you added landing gear? I've seen a couple in my research but what do you suggest? Cheers, Adrian
  16. P

    Landing gear suspension with dampening - maybe.

    Hey all. After seeing some great examples of board isolation on multicopters thought some of these ideas might also apply to landing gear. So, the idea I've borrowed is to use earplugs as suspension and I hope the attached image explains this. BTW, not sure about outer/inner diameters of CF...
  17. D

    Landing Gear Suspension?

    Hi guys & gals .. I've poured over the interwebnets and can't seem to find anyone who's done what I have an idea for so I thought I'd throw it out there and see if anyone here has done it/heard of it and what you more experienced pilots think. I'm got a Blade 350 QX2 (Ap Combo) I enjoy ripping...
  18. joker24458

    Swappables landing gear wire thickness?

    Hey guys, First off, I'm fairly new to the FliteTest Forum although I have been closely following FliteTest for 2 years and am on the site almost every day. I've scratch built many different planes, many of them FliteTest designs, but 99% of them without landing gear. I'm also about to scratch...
  19. V

    3D Printed landing gear legs for FT-Storch

    I am not good at bending steel wire to make landing gear :( So I drew up some landing gear legs in Sketchup and printed legs for my Storch; they're plenty sturdy and only about 30g heavier than the steel gear setup. For those interested in printing a set for themselves, I've posted the...