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3rd best day of the year!!!


Wake up! Time to fly!
YAY!!!! Dec 20th!!!!!

Its a great day here in the north east states. The days will now be getting longer and we can now all start looking forward and planning for the upcoming flying season. Its a great mood lifter for me thinking this way to get over the winter blahs. Now I start going over my quads taking them all apart, cleaning the crud off them. Repainting the edges to get them back to show room quality.

Its also a good time to really go thru and check for wear or do any repairs so you come out of the gate in spring ripping up the wild blue. This applies to ALL pilots no matter what aircraft you fly. This also gives you the chance if repairs are needed to pre plan and get things ordered over time instead of one huge panic buy in spring. this is how I keep my gear in top flying condition ready to better handle the next rounds of crashing and bashing into things.

Its a really good habit even if you are not a builder. It familiarizes you with your gear. It gets you in the practice of checking things like a normal preflight and not just going out to the field tossing your aircraft in the air hoping it flew like it did the last time. Proper maintaining of your gear will ensure that every flight will be as predictable and smooth as the last one. Consistency is what will make you a better pilot so having an aircraft that flys the same EVERY time will be a HUGE step in your growth in the hobby.

Even if all you do to start is wipe off the grass that gets stuck to everything thats a start in the right direction of it becoming a habit or second nature. It also helps the hobby as there is less likely the chance something goes wrong and causes a problem outside our own little world like a fly away or a crash doing property damage or worse hurting a bystander watching what we do.


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So true - I have realised that without the checks and prep that something always goes wrong at the fly site which spoils part of the day - check twice cut once! 😀


Wake up! Time to fly!
Well its that time of year again... See if the longer days lead to better days and this covid stuff starts going away so we can get back to the fields. Happy Holidays to all around the world!!