64-70mm EDF recommendations


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I built the x-32 below as a prop-jet but it could use more power, so I'm thinking of putting a 10-12 blade 64 or 70mm EDF in it. I'll start using a 4s battery, but want the option to bump up to a 6s without cooking anything.

The plane weighs in at about 680gm (~1.5#) without battery and 890 with a 4s in it, and given the drag from the lower fuselage the EDF can only help.

So, I am looking for recommendations on EDF Kit and who to buy from. Thanks!


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a 64mm EDF 12blade with eg. a 2822-3500KV motor will give you approx 1250g thrust at 4S.
a 70mm EDF eg. 2827 - 3300KV motor will give approx 1600g thrust by 4S