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9x alll messed up..

Okay so before u think i am a total noob.. hear me out..
so my 9x is getting a switch error..
so before u think this is an easy fix.. its not wot u think..
i have had my 9x about 3months and used it plenty of times and kno when were switches need to be
when i turn on my radio.. but for some reason its now decided to change..
they are all in the 'normal' position and im still gettin switch error..
before jumpin into ripping the thing open wanted to see if anyone had any ideas
about wot has happened or happening.?
please i want to fly the weather is so nice :p

cheers guys


Epoxi Flyer
just an idea...

check if the switches turned "upside down" and correct them ... sometimes they get loose and tend to spin sideways or upsidedown

not sure but maybe u reversed a switch channel ?

those 2 solutions are just speculation, not sure what really happened on your radio ...
I have two of these TXs. I bought a second one when my son showed interest in flying. So it worked fine for about a week, then the same thing happened to my son's TX. I opened it up and discovered there was a lot of rust on various metal parts, screws, springs, and some of the switch connections.

The only way to fix it is to replace the switches. If you want to risk flying with it, you could also put a drop of alcohol from the outer mechanical switch part so it gets inside the switch body, then toggle the switch continuously for a few seconds. Do this for every switch (unless you know which is faulty). The culprit on my son's TX was the gear switch on the upper right side.

Of course if you don't use the switches during normal operation, then you probably have nothing to worry about once you get it to turn on again, but you will have to keep doing this trick. The rust will keep interfering with the contacts in your switches.

You issue may be simply a bad switch. If that is the case then the alcohol trick won't work.


Rotor Riot!
One of the switches of my DX6i (Rudder D/R) is jammed, it is very hard to move it to the High position, but easy to move back into Low... I guess it must be dirty or something. I'll try the alcohol tip.


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When my first one came I had the same problem despite the switches being in the right positions. I opened it up and on careful inspection found that one of the switches was actually broken in half. Swapped it over for a new one and have had no problems since. Crack yours open and give each switch body a little wriggle to check for any damage. Also while you are at it check for any loose wires from the switches. Good Luck
Thanks for all your help guys..
turns out it was an easy fix.. just had to crack it open and found one of the writes to the switch has fatigued off..
just had to re-solder it back on..
added a touch more solder to any others where it looked a bit thin on the ground.. works just fine now :)


Rotor Riot!
Glad to hear you got it fixed! A friend of mine bought a 9X and a Bixler 2 so I need to read up on some 9x programming.


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Good job SupperCub :applause: I worked on electronics for many years and lots of times the failure was mechanical rather than electronic, especially when something silly hadn't been done like connecting a battery up the wrong way.

Brian fred carr

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If you get problems with the tx and your at your wits end, checkout cruzerroy channel on the tube and he shows you how to reset to factory settings...you will lose all your planes and helis programmed in but it gets ya back to where you started
does anyone know of a way of getting flats on the 3step switch.?
i cant even put anything on that switch and if im being honest its rather frustrating and its just something i need to know :p