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9x with FrSky module bind issues?


Elemental Madness
I'm trying to bind my 9x with FrSky module to a new receiver I just got from Hobbyking. When I go to bind the lights on the TX/RX both flash red but not green! Any ideas?


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Assuming its a D8 with telemetry, it has to bind both transmitters in the receiver and transmitter. Haven't installed mine yet, but this is what the manual says.

Binding is the process of uniquely associating a particular receiver and transmitter, to exclude any potentially interfering transmitters. A transmitter can be bound to multiple receivers (not to be used simultaneously). A receiver can only be bound to one transmitter. This association is a key component in newer 2.4 GHz radio systems and must be done before the equipment can be used.
6.2.1 Turn your transmitter on while holding the F/S button on the transmitter module (For the two-way mode, make sure that both switches on the transmitter module are OFF). Release the button. The RED LED on the transmitter module will flash, indicating the transmitter is ready to bind the receiver. The GREEN LED will be off.
6.2.2 Turn on the receiver while holding the F/S button. The RED LED on the receiver will flash, indicating the binding process is completed.
6.2.3 Turn off both the receiver and transmitter
6.2.4 Turn on the transmitter and the receiver. The RED LED on the receiver will be on and the GREEN
LED on the receiver will continually flash as the commands from the transmitter are received.
6.2.5 After the steps above are completed, both the transmitter and receiver are ready to be used.


Elemental Madness
Ok, it's connected. Thanks! I have only bound it once..
but now when it connects the ESC/motor beeps loudly and quickly. WTF
What esc is it. Have you looked the code up on the internet? Boy, obviously you haven't found it or you wouldn't be asking the likes of me, sorry. Anyways, tell us which speed controller. I know plenty of them are programable and if your new receiver doesn't put out to spec like the old one, the esc may have to be adjusted. Saw a guy do that last year at SPADfest but don't remember which controller it was and how they did it. Bunch of back and forths on one control or the other at startup I think.

Alert Tones
The SPEED PASSION “SKYWALKER” ESC is equipped with audible alert tones to indicate abnormal conditions at power up.
If ESC can't enter into working mode after powering up, it indicates that you have not setup throttle calibration.
2. Continuous beeping tone (****) – Indicates that throttle stick is not in the minimum position.

3. Single beeping tone followed by a one second pause (* * * *)– Indicates that the battery pack voltage is not within the acceptable range. (The ESC automatically checks and verifies the battery voltage once the battery is connected).
4. A single beeping tone followed by a short pause (* * * *) – Indicates that the ESC is unable to detect the normal throttle signal from the receiver.
Built-in Intelligent ESC Safety

Powering up the ESC for the first time and setting the Automatic Throttle Calibration

The SPEED PASSION “SKYWALKER” ESC features Automatic Throttle Calibration to attain the smoothest throttle response and resolution throughout the entire throttle range of your transmitter. This step is done once to allow the ESC to “learn and memorize” your Transmitter’s throttle output signals and only repeated if you change your transmitter.
1.Switch your Transmitter ON and set the throttle stick to its maximum position.
2.Connect the battery pack to the ESC. Wait for about 2 seconds, the motor will beep for twice, then put the throttle in the minimum position, the motor will also beep, which indicates that your ESC has got the signal range of the throttle from your transmitter.
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