Help! 9x4.7 SF CCW propeller


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Hey everybody,

Does anyone have a .stl file for a 9x4.7 SF CCW prop? Also what material do you use to print it with?

Thanks in advance
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Gosh! I don't think I would trust a 3D printed prop. I would worry about layer connection which would make me print it horizontal so the centrifugal forces would not be trying to rip the layers apart. Then there's the matter of support material, you would need a ton of it to keep the shape correct which would mean loads of post printing finishing.
I would recommend PETG at a minimum, probably ABS for best toughness. Oops! ABS needs a heated enclosure and bed to print reliably.
Then you will spend ages balancing the prop as 3D printers are not 100% even in the density of what they are printing.
Far easier and safer to buy one !!!


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Agreed there. I tried to 3d print some props for a TinyWhoop; the suckers were HORRIBLY unbalanced. I was initially trying to do it for cheap, but when I realized that it was taking 2 hours to run a print of ONE prop and the prop wasn't balanced right, I said "Forget this, I'm better off buying a set of props at $4/package."

The only way I'd use a 3D printed prop is to get a prototype. Once I had that prototype balanced and everything, I'd maybe try to make some molds, but there's no way I'd trust a straight 3D printed prop.


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Thanks for your feedbacks.
Ohhh well I guess I’ll have to drop off that idea and go buy myself new props.
Still curious though if anybody here had success with 3d printed props...