Help! 9XR, openlrs and Telemetry


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Hey colleagues,

I would like to make my 9XR telemetry capable, either in conjunction with openlrs (which I already fly) or FrSky.

According to an article I found via Google , I only have to put two cables into the Futaba plug and connect it to two pins in the RF module. The method works for FrSky modules in conjunction with the Turnigy 9X and could (possibly) also work for openlrs and the 9XR.

Update 1:
I got the confirmation that this method will work with the 9XR
but is it gonna work with openlrs ?

Otherwise, only the hardware mod remains, so solder tiny wires and cutting traces inside the 9XR (definitely outside my comfort zone), am I right here ?
The most important overall point is a easy well working Vario and Variosounds, Batteryvoltage telemetry would be nice but not necessary (maybe as future project).

The FrSky Vario might work with openlrs but I am also not sure on this one.

Important sidenote:
I do fly my remotes as Pulttransmitter which is the most common style here in Germany.
Only a few people use handheld transmitter.
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