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Hi! I'm Fred. I got into FPV racing quadcopters about a year ago because they seemed like a fun way to learn some electronics. I'm super happy that I've learned how to solder and work with some various components and even did a pretty fun arduino project.

I've participated in a few FPV quadcopter races, but I still have a bit of trouble getting my head around the controls for flying quadcopters. I keep expecting them to fly like planes and they just don't.

So a few weeks ago I built an FT Tiny Trainer. With the 3S battery it was very nose heavy, so I glued 2 nickels and two pennies to the tail, which made it just slightly nose forward. I maidened it yesterday and had a good time, though I probably should have waited until the winds were a bit calmer. Still, it did a fine job and I wouldn't have been embarrassed if somebody were watching. I definitely need to work on trimming out the airplane (it just seemed to want to dive no matter what), and just generally getting my head around controlling it from LOS.

But I'm more excited about putting a camera on it and flying it FPV. That's coming soon. I've got one of those super light tiny whoop cameras that I'm deciding where/how to mount on the TT. First I want to have some consistently nice takeoffs.

I'm also printing plans for the FT Explorer to get a possibly better FPV plane, but frankly, I actually like seeing the propeller in view.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, I'm trying to find ways to involve my 7-year-old. He likes the idea but is never much on the execution (or practice) required to build or fly. He's a bit uncoordinated so far with the controls. But I just got a great deal on a Taranis QX7 which should pair nicely with my X9D+ to do some buddy box work so I can let him participate without risking everything.

Anyhow, happy to be here. Seems like some nice forums of supportive people.


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Hello Fred. Welcome to the hobby and to the forums.

I think you may want to rethink putting a micro camera designed for tiny whoops on an airplane. Those were designed for very short range and a plane I think would quickly out run its range. I have one on my Gremlin and they are horrible range wise. The 25 mw coming off that vs the 25 mw off my full size tx are two VERY extremely different things.

I can fly all over the field behind my place as well as the local park where I fly with my full size set up. The micro is struggling to go 50 - 60 feet reliably. That kind of range MAY be enough for a take off but sure is not enough to fly on a fixed wing that needs more room. I would seriously suggest you do a range study before thinking about flying FPV on a plane with a micro camera.


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As much as I hate to do it, I agree with PsyBorg. ;)

It will be a better experience all around to have the right gear for the type of flying you're planning.



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I only have 25mW cameras so far but only fly them on multirotors which allow me to turn on a dime and head back if my signal starts to die out. While I can get well past 50'feet, flying within 2 acreas can be a bit fuzzy at times, especially when there are obstructions and also around utility lines. A fixed wing aircraft doesn't allow you to spin or reverse like a mulitotor meaning you will drift even farther once you initiate a turn.


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Welcome to the forums!

To chime in a moment on where to mount the camera, it'll probably be the most fun sticking it up on the tail so you can see a good portion of the plane and prop in view - FT's video for the Mig-3 release has a lot of video from this position that looks like a huge amount of fun. I'll be doing that on one of my planes shortly :)


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Curiously, it appears I bought the 200mw micro cameras. They're still cheap cams, but they're super light (which is desirable for the Tiny Trainer, I think), and I think they'll work for the areas/distance I'm flying in.


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I would still do a serious range test with obstacles and such before flying. Seems these micro cameras are like batteries when it comes to inflating numbers. Of course there is also that power rating VS radiated power rating that they use interchangeably.