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A Proud Dad!!

Very proud of my oldest son (13). He competed yesterday in the regional competition for History Day and was selected to go to the State Finals competition. This is a pretty big deal as there are only 1200 kids in the whole state that are selected. There are quite a few different types of project classes from which the kids choose to compete. There were only 3 projects in his category from his region that were selected.

My son's project was a documentary on the USS Nautilus - the first U.W. Nuclear powered submarine. He has put a lot of time in on it and did a really great job. Makes this Dad extremely proud!!!! I will see if we are allowed to put it up on you tube yet, if so, I'll post a link to it in case you are interested.

I really was hoping he could advance to the state competition with his project as he was disappointed and a little confused as to why his Science Fair project (the Hover Craft I posted earlier) did not. I just wanted him to have some recognition of his extra efforts on these types of things.

So we celebrated with $5 Pizza, a DQ Blizzard and of course - working on getting his EOT Model Rare Bear completed. Although we didn't finish it yet, we made some progress.

RC (Proud as can be) Dad
I will have him check to see if we can put it on you tube without violating any competition rules and then post it here. Otherwise, maybe I could get you a private link to it. Stay tuned.
I'd really like to see the documentary, so please do post the link when you can put it on youtube!
Here is the link to the video:

For the contest, they had to pick a subject/event and relate it to a theme which is:

Revolution, Reform and Reaction in history.

It's long, but I found it interesting (although I'm a little biased).

RC Dad

THe State Competition was yesterday. My son's project made it into the final round at the State competition. While he did not place in the top 5, his project was in the top 9 for his category. As this was his first year participating in the Annual History Day competition, he was competing against kids that have been through this previously (7th and 8th graders compete in one group). Not too bad for a newbie :cool: His mother and I are extremely proud of him and the amount of effort he put into the project.

While he was disappointed not making it to the National Competition, he handled his disappointment very well. His level of maturity at this age amazes me.

Anyway, he is done with History Day until next year...We should have more time to go flying!!!:)