First flights for BOTH my kiddos!



After building a couple Tiny Trainers with my little ones, I took them to my local field for their maiden flights. They did so great! As a dad, I gotta say it was an incredible day. I couldn't be more proud of these two. They were both able to fly and go through a few batteries each. My daughter just wanted to go faster, and my son was determined to ace his landing, which he did! You will notice this photo was at the end of our flying and we are all three leaving with intact planes! Went through a couple props and rubber bands but no glue needed. We will get them decorated on the next rainy day.


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What a great day you must’ve had. Build, fly…cras(errr)…repeat the flying. 😉
Thanks for sharing
May you many more such days with you kiddos


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Children are amazing. Both of mine did stuff better than me after 15 minutes that I took 25years to master. Be very glad they like your toys.