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a thought

so, when i first came onto flight test, this was a topic on the front of the website.
well, it has been bugging after i found this.
View attachment 8737
now, my sister loves almost any ground RC, and i love flying RCs, so my question is, could you use this wing design to make a flying vehicle that can withdraw its wings and drive on the ground? also, if you, could this design be used for other projects like a full wing aileron or a cheap wing design to test various materials from paper to fabric. lastly, also found this picture, i just think it's cool and somewhat fits with the previous picture.
View attachment 8744
sorry that i didn't fix this sooner, its been a busy week. hopefully the pictures work now.
these work for me, so hope them work for you :D
i was thinking of the mesh wing (second picture), could be used to create a light weight plane that could have retractable wings, or just be used on a plane to give it a more natural bird like look. glad i could give ideas.
if anyone else wants to give ideas via pics, videos, sketches, talking, build etc. post them here. it would be nice to have a pool of ideas and things for people when they want to build something.
well, i gtg, just found a squirrel in my basement. have fun people