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A Week of Maidens

Well, this has been a great week! Many might have seen my post shortly back which mentioned my single honorable workhorse, the Sport Cub S. Since then she has seen the replacement, plus one more, motor put in her, and a change on a prop shaft that had worn physical grooves from usage and was vibrating. Has now crossed 120hrs active flight time and is not yet 3 months old. Holding out like a champ, provided I feed her brushed goodness in 8mm cans...

But that all changed this week! The sport cub has friends :)

In the UMX club we have added the amazingly wonderful PT-17 Bi-Plane Army Trainer and the (now discontinued) speedy and agile T-28 Trojan S.

In the bigger department I have added the Timber X 1.2m to the flight line, sans slats, with 4S.

Also with maiden this week was a new controller the Jumper T16, which was needed for the Timber. Was put through its maiden using a known good plane (the Sport Cub S).

Aside from saying that all of the maidens were wonderful, and that the controller and all three planes are great I will leave it for now. I will try to put together some type of decent review of each model to post if there seems to be any interest.

See you all in the skies!