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A10 Build Plans

Now the subscription to you channel has reached over a 1m (1,013,069 )... I'm sure there was mention of releasing the plans or even a speed build kit of the A10..

Thoughts .....


Probably correct but i NEED the plans for the A10 it's epic... I even tried to pause the video and see if I could grab screenshots of any dims but to no avail...I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to build one..... can you tell...


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I'm pretty sure there will be FT A-10 plans coming. ;)
come on beta builders, get this thing knocked out! i can't wait to build this one. the A-10 is "the plane" in tucson. it would be super cool to fly this for vet's day for all of our military families @ our Vet Day celebration. if i cant get it done this year, next year for sure.


me :cool:


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I want the speed build kit in a more portable size!
sure, but frankly i like that they are "going big."

i have built enough of the small guy's and have been a little bored lately. the thought of FT making "big" versions of their greatest hits makes me giggle again. i can't wait to show up at the field with a huge A-10! then maybe a spitfire?

just my $.02,

me :cool:


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Bixler mentioned at FFTX they will soon have thicker foam board for these larger builds while he was talking about the 50% a10 (still big plane)... I think he said something about 185% or something like that (whatever the giant seaduck scale is... he also mentioned the foam in the video)... it's sized specifically for scaling up but it also requires reworking attaching wings and building spars and such to make things actually fit in the back of pick ups and things like that...

I'd really love to build that "mini" 5" or so a10 at some point... dad worked on them and one of my early PC games was an A10 flight sim/game back in the early 90's...