Buy a kit or cut one out myself??

SSgt Duramax

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Dam SSGT I Know how much you love flying that one!

Its already repaired. All the damage that happened is what you saw. It is a tough plane.

I am adding doublers to the front and I will be painting the bottom a lighter solid color with a roundel on the left wing. So when my daughter spins it from 100 feet high, and I let her go too long without taking back control I will be at least able to get better orientation, or if I'm not, it will survive the crash better. At dusk a black plane with a solid black bottom is hard to keep orientation of.

White gorilla glue in your wings and bbq skewers reinforcing the undercamber wingtips is cheap easy insurance.


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Well well well, have you ever been in the right place at the right time? My wife is a crafty type person-paints--make her own greeting cards-that sort of thing. Well the other day I went into the crafty store with her ( most times I just sit in the truck ). I was asking the lady why it cost so much to have things printed off, she said the cost of the big printers and cost of the large rolls of paper is what drives the cost up so much. She asks what I was trying to print? It just happens that I had the thumb drive with me and said I wanted to print it off. So she asked if I could live with it tiled printed, and if I wanted on paper or card stock? Never tried the card stock thing, so I said how much for the card stock? Well well well, she said you paid for the card stock ( $9.99 for 100 sheets) and $10.00 for the ink. By the time my wife was done shopping I left with my plans in colour all for $20.00


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I'm building an FT DR-1 triplane from scratch and while the straight lines and wide curves were easy enough to cut, the tight curves like on the cabanes were troublesome and did not come out as well as laser-cut parts. Practice and brand new razor blades made it work, but you can easily tell which is kit and which is scratch. If that matters to you that may define your choice.

Baron VonHelton

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Yes, it is.

This is my P40 after a forced landing into concrete yesterday. The front was wood glue with paper wrapped around. The plane is also minwaxed.

It has been flown in a rain shower and repeatedly landed in wet grass.

My Pfalz E.I was subjected to extreme humidity & wet grass, so I can definitely relate.


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