A10 scale

Donovan Mahoney

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I didn't know where to post this so I figured here would be my best bet.
Does anyone know what scale their a10 is (not master series) because I really like the super a10 black snake scheme and wanted to do one with it but I need to know the scale so I get the proper size


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Go here:


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I should start by saying, the FT planes will often deviate from scale somewhat to make a better-flying model. Sometimes this means a larger surface (wings, stabilizers, etc) or moving parts around slightly (like elongating the nose for easier CG placement). But comparing wingspans will get you in the ballpark for scale.
The real A-10 has a 58 foot wingspan (696 inches). The FT A-10 has a 60.5 inch wingspan.
If we put these into the same units and then compare, 60.5":696" is about 1:11.5 scale.
If we assume they enlarged the wingspan a touch we can pretty safely call it a 1:12 scale model.