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I've always been interested in rc flight but was always given the cheapest, worst stuff to try to fly and some of it was more advanced than I wanted too. Most of what I had was helicopters but I'm more and very interested in STOL aircraft. I have been watching Flitetest videos from the newest ones to some from 7 or so years ago and want to get into it. I'm in no rush to get into it but would like advice on first plane. Hopefully there's good beginner STOL planes for me.


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Hi and welcome to the forums!

The FT Bushwhacker is a great beginner STOL airplane. Just make sure not to add to much weight to it, or else is don't fly well. If this is your first airplane, I wouldn't start with the bushwhacker, I would start with something like a the simple cub or the tiny trainer.



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There are several good planes that FT offers that don't require a lot of room. Bushwacker is a fun plane, but as has been noted, it's not really a beginner plane. Tiny Trainer, Simple Scout, Simple Cub - they're a lot easier to fly, especially if it's your first plane.

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Yeah, as far as a first plane goes, I’ve heard a lot of folks have had success with the Storch. The bushwacker is good, but not very beginner friendly. The scout and old speedster (despite it’s name, it’s probably the slowest and most gentle plane flitetest offers) are my go to planes for teaching others to fly. I like the scout for buddy box, but it is faster and less forgiving than the old speedster.


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I’m a noob that made every bad move a newbie can make & I’m still loving it. Go ahead, jump right in, the water’s fine. I started with a Ready To Fly (RTF) 3 channel, super easy flyer & taught myself in a big field, many crashes & rebuilds taught me how to use glue & tape. Then I jumped way ahead & went high performance with Flite Test (FT) kits & Dollar Tree Foam Board (DTFB) builds. Finally, a good move for me was I eventually decided to get the help I needed to advance my skillset & sought out a local RC flyer’s club. Forums will offer a ton of good advice, use it or not, just stick with it & let the FAA know what you think about their Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) that you can find FT videos about or go to:<FAA.gov/uas/research_development/_remote_id/>
Low cost RC aircraft options are available from FT kits, plans or commercial RTF models that are also available from FT. I’ll follow your posts, let us know. Figure9