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Hi everyone. Ok newbie to all this stuff. I build 1/48 scale plastic models and have for the last 12 months been adding motors to make the models more interesting. I recently bought a cheap RC helicopter on eBay and used the parts to motorise a Wessex model. I think it’s infra-red and as such is not very reliable due to the fact it’s enclosed. It has a rechargeable cell @ 3.7v and I replaced the motor with a 3v gearbox/motor and overall it’s ok. However I want to move up to RC. So I had a look online and it’s bewildering, so much stuff!!!
I found a DX6 controller which I think will do the job but I need to find receivers they are small enough to fit into the model as well as adding a rechargeable battery the biggest one would be a 4 engine Lancaster but the majority are single engines with a smattering of 2 engines, more so for helicopters.
Any info on micro ESC and batteries welcome.
Just to clarify. I don’t want to fly them just animate them. If I can also control lights etc even better.

Thanks peeps.


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