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Adams foam board


Junior Member
I really like working with Adams versus Dollar Tree board -- smoother and whiter. I know it is somewhat heavier.
I am scratch building both a Tiny Trainer and a Simply Club.
Do I need to install a larger/different motor, battery, ESC than what Josh shows in his build videos?
Thanks. Just a new nubbiest here:)

The Hangar

Well-known member
I’d reccomend the power pack c for the simple cub and if you are running 3s in the tiny trainer, you should be good to go!

Matagami Designs

Well-known member
I know Elmer's is about 2x heavier than DTFB. When I used this and removed all the paper on the insides of my build it reduced the total weight by at least 30%. A good alternative that i prefer over the DTFB is Ross brand foam board.


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interesting, Does Dollar Tree sale different board in different locations?
I just looked at the label of the Board I purchased at Dollar Tree and it is Readi-board foam board Mfg by R.L. Adams Plastics, Inc.


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I am not sure what the brand is for the alternative to the Adams/DTFB that we can buy here in NZ - it is 6mm whereas the Adams is about 5mm - it has a light card rather than paper for the surface, and the foam is denser - the card surface is more difficult to remove than the Adams paper which just about falls of on its own - I use both and they both fly (but Adams is more than half the price)! :D
Last time I bought DTFB at an actual Dollar Tree in Ohio it was labelled "Readiboard Made By Adams".
Maybe different stores have different suppliers?