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Adding a chat between all members


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Hey guys,

as we all are still a small but very quick developing forum I thought it would be nice to get to each other a little more (whoever wants to).

My idea(well my thoughts) were, if it would be possible to create a chat box on the bottom of the page, where everyone can talk to the others, because sometimes you are unsure about something which is not really worth a thread, so could ask quick questions there.

Also reading the chat messages is possible for members and guests but the actual "texting" is just for the members themselfes. Or maybe that only members can see chatbox.

Especially because this is still a small forum it would be really nice to have that.

What do you think about that?


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
I'll talk to Chad about adding a chat section. At the moment the crew of Flite Test little overwhelmed with the addition of the forums, a new sponsor (Horizon Hobby) trying to keep up with doubling the episodes each week, and of course, their day jobs, life, and families.

I try not to put too much on them at once, if you know what I mean... :D

For the time being, there's still the Flite Test Facebook page. Someone could start a thread sharing what each other's FB names are, and create a chat over there.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Hey Fred,

yeah I can understand that the crew might be a bit overwhelmed and for me it would be fine to wait.

But as you said the chat with the FB names would be great. But I think there are many people on FB that like the page but don´t really write something or stuff so that a group chat, which would include all the people who just like the page would be difficult.
We could create a group with group chat inside it. That would be possible but that is something that you or Chad would have to create a Person or a event for everyone to participate or get friends with and then we would have a chat. But that is reaaally time taking and something simpler would be rather useful, then someone who has to accept hundreds of friend requests or so.

Anyway nice that you try to bring that up with Chad.