Advice needed on RC B17 flying fortress


Hello guys, I bought this B17 recently from Amazon -
Nsddm 18-inch Fixed-Wing RC Plane B-17 Aerial Fortress Bomber Gliding Gliding Drone Aircraft Model Children 2 Propeller Driving Electric Toy

Please copy and paste the url above to view the picture.

Trust me, the airplane looks very scale in real life compared to the pictures. I just need to modify the landing gear and add a paint scheme to the cockpit window

1. As you can see, the airplane is dark green/ olive drab in color and the cockpit windows were also painted dark green/ olive drab which doesn't look good. I will like to paint the cockpit windows so it can look realistic. What color should I use? i am thinking of using white, do you guys think white will be ideal? If not, what do you suggest, please mention simple colors, lol as I don't have access to complex colors or if you mention a complex color kindly tell me what simple colors to mix to get that complex color.

2. I will also modify the landing gear to make it look scale


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I would go with a medium grey or blue-grey color. White would probably look too much like paint.