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Help! AFHSS - SBUS receiver


Senior Member
Hi everyone, maybe you guys can shed some light on some of my doubts.
I have a Hitec Aurora 9, AFHSS protocol. It's an excellent radio and I love it. The problem is, that new FCs are compatible with SBUS receivers only. The kakute F7 for example, doesn't support PWM or PPM receivers, only subs.
The thing is, I'm saving to build a mini quad (or hex, my heart is divided here) and there are, I believe only two receivers from Hitec, that support SBUS, but the form factor is inadequate for a mini quad (I consider under 240mm a mini size)
Do you guys know a AFHSS compatible receiver, small enough to fit a mini quad? Or a module that I can hook up to my aurora?



Senior Member
Thanks! I asked the seller if it was compatible with the aurora 9, I didn't saw hitec listed as a supported brand.
Anyways, this opens a door. The smallest SBUS capable rx from Hitec, is the Optima D, I believe it's smaller than the Optima 6.
The micro build, will have to keep waiting. To the drawing board! (and budget spreadsheet u_u)