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Ailerons in the Pietenpol?...

Hi all, has anyone fitted ailerons in a FT Pietenpol? I know the guys at the field will berate me for building a 3 channel 'plane.

I'm working on it at the minute. Regular sized ft pietenpol with straight wing and flaperons. Just waiting on a new receiver then I'll maiden.
There's the link to the one I'm working on. I'm still unsure about the size I've cut the ailerons, i think 1/8 of the wing shord might have been a little too small, but this is a test bed and wing will be easy to swap as long as I can land it in one piece.
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I would add differential (more up than down movement) and be prepared to coordinate turns. But should work fine. As a rule ailerons do not need to be the size of those on 3D aerobatic planes. Look at the ones on a J3 cub (full size) for reference.
I was flying a old style B pack motor(emax CF2822) with a 8" prop, 30 amp esc and a 3s 1500mah battery.
All of the above was too heavy, big or powerful for the airframe. It was so heavy it had a high stall speed, so put slow flight out. Too much throttle made the air frame torque roll due to the motor and prop combination. Because the battery was so big too I had to make stays for Velcro straps between the wheels for the battery to sit. Only way I could get CG to balance and this had a negative pendulum effect on the handling too. Small 55mm wheels guaranteed a nose over every landing too.
So this was my second build using the correct components this time. Just ailerons, 2 extra 5g servos, 5a ubec, 65mm spoked wheels and strengthned landing gear fairing is all I changed. Hope it flies beautifully this time as this one is 100-150g lighter and it is an eye catching model.


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1500 is a HUGE battery for a mini. I top out at 850mah and as light as possible. My SE5 has still ended up in pieces even with minimal weight.
You can use a single 3,7g servo with torque rods for the ailerons, my SE5 has two 1,5g micro servos on the ailerons. They work but possibly are not big enough, as you can’t turn entirely on them, most of my turning is still on the rudder.
Most of the minis still fly better as 3channel, especially the multi wings. You want super light construction, small motors and batteries. That makes for great flying. If you want more build something bigger!
Yes, think it was your advice last time @FDS I based my new power set up on. In regards to battery and esc size. I was going to go with a 12a and you advised me the 2204 motor may need a bigger one to go 20a to be safe. Went with the 850mah 3s battery too. Sound advice, worked perfectly with my FT-22 mini today. Expecting the same to work here as well.
Thank you for the help.
Well, I think that's as helpful and conclusive a set of posts as I could hope for, gents. Many thanks. I think, as I have just bought a larger cub kit from an old friend over the 'net, I will save the ailerons for that one.
I wonder if anyone can tell me what these bits are in the Pietenpol kit. The black bendy straw and the white flexible foam with clear tape either side.
Also does the "power pod" go in this way up (open part upwards)?

Many thanks,
Martin DSCI0499.jpg
The straw is for a faux engine hose between radiator and engine. Bbq skewers for wing braces and power pod skewers and small fake spark plugs on the engine. Velcro is for battery and possibly esc. The wire is for control rods. Open end up on the power pod. Makes a nice little cavity in there i tucked my ubec into. Hope this helps.
Ah, the top hose! Never thought of that. Skewers I get and control rods (although there are 4 of those). So the white stuff is Velcro? I must check that out. Thanks.
My son is 3D printing an engine and radiator for me...I hope...I sent him the file.