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update: I've been working on the fast arrow and the archangel, but all the while I've been coming up with a plan for this thing. The part shown in the video is nowhere near the finished product even for the non-balloon part, and I have yet to test the best part about it. My plan is to give this thing two balloons with a hangar in the middle... and the hangar can hold tiny whoops! The balloons will be wrapped in a layer of foamboard to protect them of course, and the hangar doors will be positioned away from any motors. This way, anyone can feel free to land inside the airship during the next flite fest south! I think I will add a motor swivel system or even a separate vertical motor so I can counteract the weight of multiple tiny whoops with an insignificant force. (the airship will probably be running a 3s-4s 4000 mAh, so a couple whoops are nothing) I could also anchor it to the ground so that when there is no battery people can still have fun landing in it. I will definitely be adding a bigger motor or set of motors, probably high kv to save weight, and I will keep future updates here more frequently now that I thought of something cool to do with it.