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A question about the flysky transmitter modules, I have an Airtronics rd8000 radio and from viewing the use of upgrades to older transmitters, Would it be possible to add to my Airtronics in order to use the cheap Flysky receivers? Being locked into buying expensive receivers is costly with multi aircraft. Thanks


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Hello jtechian and welcome to the forum.

I did some looking around the web but was finding very old info (10+ years) and cannot tell you with any certainty at all. I don't know of anyone witht that radio. But, perhaps as this post gets noticed someone will have more reliable and specific knowledge about your radio.

In the meantime would you share a bit about yourself in a brief introduction. Where you fly and your experience in the hobby would be a couple of good details.

If you later decide on a more common radio there are good many Taranus and DX users in this forum that should be able to help more including where to find inexpensive receivers to use with them.

If you find a solution be sure to post back and we'll be watching for a flight video.