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  1. DutchRC

    FlySky NV14 Nirvana - Drone radio - Review / Log

    Hi there people :) this thread will be more less a combo of a review and log of the development for this new FlySky radio.. At the moment I start this thread the firmware isn't really ready, so I'll post updates on that as we go along.. Obviously others are more then welcome to post their...
  2. kilroy07

    Part 3D printed FLYSKY i6 (i6-X) field-box Protector 2.0

    I use a plastic tub for my field box and got worried about my transmitters just bouncing around in there. So here's my design for a drop-in protector for the FLYSKY i6 line of transmitters. You can find it here on thingiverse; (Forum says file is too large...)...
  3. HobCoil

    Connecting a flysky reciever with furibee x215 pro

    Hello, my name is Griffin and I am relatively new to the fpv scene. recently I purchased a Furibee x215 pro and need to replace the current RX(a frsky xm+) with a flysky compatible one, I just have a few questions. -Is this new RX compatible with the FC...
  4. R

    Help Needed with custom brushed micro setup

    My intial question: How do i get my motors to react to my stick movements?:confused: This may be a long shot but i was wondering if someone could help me trouble shoot this last problem i have before i can get my brushed micro in the air. I am using Flysksy FS-i6 with a flysky receiver, they...
  5. B

    Question about radio protocols, specific Flysky i-bus...

    So I'm pretty new to this hobby. I have built and flown one plane and I want to move into the world of quads too. I am planning on buying a Gremlin kit and building it myself but I have hit a small snag. My radio is a Flysky i-6x. This radio is equipped with PPM or i-bus protocols. The flight...
  6. F

    Is it a good idea to use a flysky Transmitter and receiver on a gas/ petrol plane

    Hello Flite Test forum ;) I have a Flysky FS-i6 and the FS-iA6B receiver and I would like to put it in a pulse by hanger 9 My question is would it be a good idea to use flysky on a gas/ petrol plane. And if not would it be because of these or any other reasons: •To much vibration from the...
  7. J

    Custom Tiny Whoop Build (I need Advice)

    First off: I have a FlySkyI6 TX, and don't have the money to buy a different one. I also have a 250 quad and an Eachine QX70. My QX70 is really fun to fly, but it has it's quirks, its a little under powered, and incredibly fragile. (Held together by hot glue and hope) I really wanted a torrent...
  8. J

    Flysky Torrent 110?

    I have a 250 quad currently, and ordered an Eachine Turbine (A slightly larger tiny whoop) because I liked FPV so much and wanted to fly inside. I found it slightly under powered and the frame had crap durability (its currently held together by hot glue and hope) but it was still SO fun to fly...
  9. S

    Binding a Flysky beecore

    So, I've been messing with this for an hour or two, and still can't get it. What am I missing??? I have: switched to AFHDS soldered together the bind pads followed pretty much every single video on YT Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. D


    HI Guys, Recently got a Naza M lite Fc, please could anyone help me with the wiring and set up using the above units. Detailed pictures or step by step guide will be helpful. Am a total newbie. Thanks.
  11. J


    A question about the flysky transmitter modules, I have an Airtronics rd8000 radio and from viewing the use of upgrades to older transmitters, Would it be possible to add to my Airtronics in order to use the cheap Flysky receivers? Being locked into buying expensive receivers is costly with...
  12. P

    Calipso glider servos

    ive flown my calypso glider before but I switched out the receiver for a flysky one today to go with my new radio. Whenever I bind it the shudders khudder and can't be controlled. Any ideas as to what the issue is?
  13. M

    Flysky PPM Setup with CC3D

    Hello guys looking for some help here. I was able to pick up an Eachine Falcon 210, and a FlySky th9x. Unfortunately I have been unable to get it air born yet or at least control it in the air. I can`t figure out how to set it up in librepilot and if whether or not I need a new receiver or...
  14. C

    FlySky Rx FS-ia6b and Tx FS-i6s, Seriously Pro F3 and Cleanflight issue

    I am having some issues with getting my Tx inputs to be viewable in CleanFlight. I have followed a lot of tutorials with no success. Here are my steps: 1. updated all firmware 2. changed to ppm in cleanflight and Tx/Rx 3. used the Tx inputs and with no avail The Tx and Rx are bound, I have...
  15. cladeport

    how to connect a flysky FS-i6 to fatshark goggles for headtracking?

    is it possible to use head tracking with a flysky FS-i6 (AFHDS 2A protocol, rebranded as REELY HT-6 from Conrad.ch)? I have a fatshark attitude V3. I dont know which cable / port on fatshark I need, both of which have what looks like a (mini?) DIN or S-video connector. Can I just hook them up...
  16. N

    Flysky FS-ct6b help

    Hey guys, I am using a flysky fs-ct6b. I know it is a cheap transmitter but I am trying to work with it until I can afford a better one. I am trying to set up differential thrust for the sea duck right now, does anyone have any tips on how to get it set up? I tried following the flitetest video...
  17. J

    How do I put two aileron servos into a fs-iA6 receiver?

    On the FS-iA6 receiver, there is only one slot available for ailerons. I have two servos. One for each aileron. So, Im confused with how this is supposed to work. This is my first scratch build. Thanks
  18. M

    Still having problems

    I posted about my problem here and I still can't get the receiver working, sometimes the LED lights up for a sec or two but then it dies. Thanks to all those that helped me in the other post!
  19. Z

    Help! Fs-T6 not working with pc

    Hi all, Im having trouble getting my fs-t6 to connect to my pc. I bought this cable, I hook it up to my pc and in device manager it shows up as ppm, but in the "set up a usb controller" section I cant get any data to show up from my sticks. Its the same in all the sims, It just doesn't pick up...
  20. R

    FT Bushwhacker electronics setup help

    Hey gals and guys! I am trying to get the gear together to build a Bushwhacker (God I love that plane). However, being in the UK I'm going to have to source the electronics individually and, at times, approximate to the closest equivalent available. Since I'm not exactly experienced with...