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Hmm... my hanger has the following categories filled now;

pylon racer: Caudron C.460 x2
race wings: Arrow and FPVWRA Spec Wing
night flyer: Eluminator wing
combat foamies: Das Little Stick & Baby Baron & Baby Brit
biplane: Hyperbipe
balsa sport planes: EVA Sport & Ugly Stick
3D plane: Enigma
float plane: Mini Drake 2
race quad: Wizard
indoor quad: Inductrix FPV
a handful of little indoor balsa planes: about 6 on the wall I think, which might be a little overkill, but they're like potato chips ;) I've got about 3 more indoor kits too.

I've got plans and kits to fill out these categories;

a canard: Tiny Trainer conversion still needs debugging
a really really fast balsa wing: Cuda kit to assemble
a big balsa floater: FREDe kit to assemble
a cartoonish silly plane: NuB2 kit to assemble - going w/ a P-40 Flying Tiger look
a golden age balsa bird: Retro eMoth kit to assemble
a big golden age racer: have a 60" Gee Bee R3 fuselage, plans, and a pile of sticks
a glider: picking up a Spinster DLG at FF, and have a balsa 1.5 meter to restore
a 2s micro quad: Gremlin kit to assemble

I also want to get the bugs worked out of the Caudron C.460 golden age racer design and then start designing a fantasy bipe drawn by the same Italian designer who did the Gee Bee R3 concept.

But I also have about 8 other plane kits (foam and balsa), a pile of balsa sticks and some rolled plans, and a whole lot of bookmarked DTFB designs that I'm really looking forward to working on. My list of planes to build is a good bit longer than the completed ones, and has been every since I got back into the hobby.

But I don't know that I want to keep a plane in all of these categories - getting something to fly for a season, enjoying it at the field 3 or 4 times, and then letting it move on to a new home is just fine by me.

For me the dream is less about what's in the hanger right now, or having any specific planes, and more about having a workbench of building projects and regular swap meets where I can sell off a couple airframes every spring and fall. :)

L Edge

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Notice on your list the hyperbipe, do you have any pictures or video of the model? Flew one many years ago, with that airfoil shape fuse, it would do acrobatics and was a pleasure to fly.


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i got:
FT Racer
Aztex ( reworked Argus)
Beechcraft Staggerwing
Republic RC-3 Seabee
Mystery Ship (Texaco version)
X - plane
FT Commuter (reworked)
Dragon Fly V2 (Joysway)
Yokosuka D4Y 2S
FW 190 (STM)
Payen PA 400
Aresenal - Delanne 20T
La 250 (Mig 13 (mixed propulsion - prop & EDF)
Ikarus M - 452 jet (EDF)
Rad - Jet (reworked to EDF)
T- 38 Talon jet (EDF)
Piper Jet PA47 (EDF)

and plans to build :
Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar,
Beriev Be-4
Sikorsky S-39C
XP - 52
De. Schelde S.21
Macchi M.33
Curtiss C - 46 Commando


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I didn’t think the Forum sent me any notifications anymore. But here it did and look at who’s here.
My hangar has recently thinned our quite a bit getting ready for this long anticipated move that looks like it’s finally happening. I did hang on to my 2.2 RocHobby VTail glider, my Zephyr, and a heli a purple bearded friend gave me.

You ever manage to get that in the air? I still have the spare parts and digital pitch gauge to pass on to you yet.


Wake up! Time to fly!
You can hand them over at our next Flite Fest, 2021 maybe?

We will find a way to pass them on. Currently future Flite Fests do not seem likely after having issues at FFO18. I dont do well around more then a handful of people at a time any more. I do plan at some point to maybe hop on a bus and go to Edgewater for a week end during off times.