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Aloft Hobbies

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I've got a Turnigy 9X with the FrSky module and have ordered a few times from Hobby King. I finally noticed Aloft Hobbies and figured I'd order from a US source to see how much more quickly I could get the order.


I placed the order last Friday - a telemetry receiver and data display. The order was placed before I noticed I forgot the voltage sensor, so I called and talked to them in person (IN PERSON!) and was told to just order it right away and set it up as a pick-up order. They'd combine the two and ship it together.

The order shipped out that day and arrived two days later (California to Wisconsin) for cheap USPS shipping. The voltage sensor wasn't there. Not a huge deal, I know they're busy getting their new radios and gear shipped so I called and explained the problem. Again I was able to talk to an actual human who speaks English as his first language! He apologized and said they'd ship it that day at no charge for shipping or if I was ordering more they'd just add it to the new order. I didn't need anything right away so I had them ship it. That piece arrived today, so the order is complete and received in less time than it'd take for Hobby King to ship the typical order.

I'll be ordering everything I can from these guys now - the price is basically the same as ordering from China, but that kind of customer service needs to be rewarded with more business!


I'd like to add a plug for Aloft Hobbies. I ordered a FrSky D8R-XP receiver from them on Saturday, Sept 7th. It was waiting for me when I got home on Monday, Sept 9th. That was with $3.00 USPS shipping. I'm very happy with that! :D


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I'm still waiting for mine. Does anyone know how long the wait list is? I've been on it since the end of July or round abouts...
Eventually they'll be enough of them out there. Then we'll have to wait for the Horus.

What am I saying. Already waiting on the Horus.
If it's any consolation, I've been waiting on 9mm ammo about the same way since about this time last year. Can't feed my toys! Luckily it don't take much practice to hit a man size target at 21 feet but getting em all in the center ring at 15 yards is a bit harder without shooting weekly.
I wrote, and deleted about a page and a half. DHS has been buying about a billions rounds of everything. Why? I'll give you three guesses and the first two don't count. Scare the public like that and whatever was left was hoarded. Hell, I haven't seen 22lr in over a year. We didn't have any 12 gauge that wasn't 8 shot until mid July since last fall. In KCMO the shelves everywhere was bare.


Wait... The government is buying up ammo with my tax dollars? I'm looking forward to the redistribution of ammo. I'll take 22lr and 22-250 rounds - as many as they want to give me!
Have been a recreational shooter my entire life. The current market for ammo supply is the push I needed to get me into RC. My money had to go somewhere and planes and multicopters looked like a cool idea.


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I ordered frsky parts from AloftHobbies to Turkey, and they arrived just in 2 weeks (it was free shipping), not like Hobbyking who send them in a month (which was DHL). Wayne was a dear, help me a lot, answered my mails within hours.

-Great Price
-Great costumer care
-Great shipping times.


Glad to hear Aloft is makin' the rounds and getting good press. I've been ordering from him for years, I really love supporting local owners. He use to be down in So.Cal, but now he's up north. FrSky is the best bang for the buck system I know of, bar none, and Aloft has the best prices and service of any website I've used.

The only thing I go to Hobbyking for anymore is Lipos (Aloft only sells Nimh) and really cheap servos.